Back from holidays | Studio news

I am so relaxed and can’t believe I am back in the studio. The family and I had a wonderful time visiting friends and family in Adelaide and then exploring the FlindersRanges, Arkaroola, part of the Strzelecki Track to Cameron’s Corner. That was some road to travel on. Eight hours of bumpiness, my legs were like jelly after that day’s drive!

Our children explore the harshness of our beautiful continent, saw magnificent birdlife, and were even entertained by computer games and movies. On the homebound, we ventured to Broken Hill, visited the Pro Hart’s studio gallery. The kids including myself enjoyed a spider milkshake from a well known milk bar, met so many nice people and then we came home to the Southern Highlands.

Busy couple of months until Christmas!





Sunrise shot taken (our first day at Rawnsley Park station, Flinders Ranges)

rp camp spot

Our first night at Rawnsley Park station we experienced a severe thunderstorm and 100 km winds. It was an enjoyable night. My husband and I frantically tried to keep the tent upright, the canopy couldn’t stand the pressure of the rainfall. We are glad to say that the kids slept right through it.


the girls


With my gorgeous little girl (well she isn’t little anymore.. nearly 9) but she is still my baby!


The kids exploring.