October 22, 2013 / The Reeves family| Lifestyle | Family portraits

When was the last time you had a family portrait? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portrait of the family taken before Christmas? Photographs are cherished memories, a keepsake; a fabulous gift to give to your family members.

For details on the variety of packages we offer, please contact the studio.

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October 20, 2013 / Back from holidays | Studio news

I am so relaxed and can’t believe I am back in the studio. The family and I had a wonderful time visiting friends and family in Adelaide and then exploring the FlindersRanges, Arkaroola, part of the Strzelecki Track to Cameron’s Corner. That was some road to travel on. Eight hours of bumpiness, my legs were like jelly after that day’s drive!

Our children explore the harshness of our beautiful continent, saw magnificent birdlife, and were even entertained by computer games and movies. On the homebound, we ventured to Broken Hill, visited the Pro Hart’s studio gallery. The kids including myself enjoyed a spider milkshake from a well known milk bar, met so many nice people and then we came home to the Southern Highlands.

Busy couple of months until Christmas!





Sunrise shot taken (our first day at Rawnsley Park station, Flinders Ranges)

rp camp spot

Our first night at Rawnsley Park station we experienced a severe thunderstorm and 100 km winds. It was an enjoyable night. My husband and I frantically tried to keep the tent upright, the canopy couldn’t stand the pressure of the rainfall. We are glad to say that the kids slept right through it.


the girls


With my gorgeous little girl (well she isn’t little anymore.. nearly 9) but she is still my baby!


The kids exploring.


September 7, 2013 / Queensberry albums | Studio news

It was like Christmas this morning! I received four gorgeous Queensberry wedding albums which I designed for my studio (wedding samples).

Dianna Watson Photography will be including these beautiful wedding albums in her 2014 photographic packages.
If you are past wedding client, here is your chance to have your beautiful keepsake photographs displayed in a high quality custom designed wedding album.
If you are getting married soon and you would like to know more about these beautiful wedding albums, just send me an email at hello@diannawatson.com and I am here to assist you.

Queensberry 12 x 12 blk genuine leather album with ivory standard mats (1) Queensberry 10x10 cappucino album front page Queensberry 10x10 cappucino album with ivory pagemount mats QBY 14 x 10 Duo album Sandstone leather cover ivory pagemount and flushmount pages

August 6, 2013 / What they say | Studio news

I just received a beautiful surprise, a gorgeous thank you card from one of my past wedding clients. I love my job; it puts a big smile on my face to hear so many nice compliments.

Here is what their thank you card said:
“To Dianna,

We are so delighted to of had you as our wedding photographer and commend you on the excellent professional service you provided to Jordan Gash and I (Courtnee Fitzgerald-Gash) on our wedding day at Sylvan Glen on the 17th of November 2012.

We can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us you were such a pleasure and easy going person to be around not only on our wedding day but the entire pre wedding meeting appointments and our engagement shoot which you travelled to Wagga Wagga for.

Your professionalism was outstanding, you always responded quickly and promptly to email enquiries and questions we had. Your organisation with running sheets for the wedding day was easy to follow and helpful from your knowledge and years of experience.

We are so extremely happy with our wedding photos. They are beautiful and creative. You captured every detail about our wedding that we wanted. The picture quality exceeded our expectations.

All of our family and friends were appreciative of how friendly and nice you interacted with them for family and group shoots by making the experience fun.
I would be more than delighted if you would like me as a bride reference for any client enquiries or brides thinking about booking your service. I meet with other photographers in the Southern Highlands and no one compared to tick as many boxes as what you could meet a new clients’ expectations and needs as much as yourself. You should be commended on the pre and post service you provide to your clients.

The Southern Highlands share a special place in our heart whenever we visit this beautiful region. We think of the happy wedding day and weekend we had at Sylvan Glen.

Dianna, thank you for your kindness and sharing our wedding day we are extremely grateful.

Kind regards Courtnee and Jordan Gash”

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