Meeting Up

As there is a lot of planning involved in your wedding day, I encourage couples to meet with me to ensure that we have a good connection. It also gives me the opportunity to show you my albums, get to know my style of photography and most importantly to get to know each other. I would love to hear about your love story as well as discuss your needs which are all important to ensure that I am the right photographer to capture your day.

If meeting up isn’t possible, that is ok, we can always discuss your wedding plans and vision either via email or phone or Skype or Facetime.


After meeting with me, I will tentatively hold your wedding date for 7 days to give you time to make a decision, ask any further questions. After that, your wedding date will be released until a non refundable deposit of $800 along with a signed booking form is arranged.

From there Dianna Watson Photography will reserve the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that date.

The deposit is applied towards the contracted wedding photography package and is required to be finalised one month prior to the wedding.

Please contact me at hello@diannawatson.com to obtain a booking form to secure your date before you are disappointed.


Sometimes things in life don’t go the way we want them to. If you need to cancel due to an unexpected pregnancy, loss of job and for other reasons I understand that a couple may have to cancel. Please refer to the booking form for terms and conditions.


All the collections include a DVD and / or USB of high resolution files with limited artistic enhancement and no studio watermarks.

All album images and purchased prints will have further artistic polishing and retouching.

My Personalised Service

I go above and beyond the duty of a professional accredited photographer. I am concerned not just with the photography, but with all aspects of your wedding day. I am very organised and am here to assist you with a running order, check list of particular photographs you wish for me to capture and will give you lots of helpful advice so that the best results are achieved. I am here to make your wedding day run smoothly as it should be.

My Style of Photography

I would say that my style of photography is a mixture of photojournalism, creative, naturally candid as well as whole lot of fun. I love to photograph using romantic natural lighting and believe in choosing locations very carefully.

I love hearing your ideas and preferences and will incorporate them into my approach.

Some parts of your wedding day may require some posing for example group shots to ensure that everyone fits in and can be seen, but the majority of the day I photograph those moments as they unfold naturally.

I want you to be yourselves, feel comfortable holding each other and enjoy your special day. But if something is unflattering or I can sense that you feel awkward, I will offer some subtle direction to make it feel alright again.

Requested family and group shots

I highly recommend for these type of photographs to be taken immediately after the ceremony/congratulations to the bride & groom before your guests disperse.

It is your responsibility to make a list of group photo combinations you would like and email me that list prior to your wedding day. Thank you.

Some couples also like to have table shots of their guests either with them or without in the shot at the reception. Please let me know prior to your wedding day.


All packages include high resolution digital images on either USB or disc – which you can view, print and share. Please note that the law stipulates that as the photographer I retain copyright of all those images. You can not sell your wedding photographs of for a profit as that would infringe on my copyright. Besides that law, you can do whatever you like with them such as placing them on a blog, social media but please remember to tag me with a credit or ensure that there is a courtesy byline stating Dianna Watson Photography. Thank you for your understanding.

Social media, advertising and blogging i.e. Facebook

With today’s fast moving technology and world of social media it is important for my business to blog and share my work on my blog page and Facebook business page. If I photograph your wedding, I will be putting some of your shots online. If you are not happy with this, please let me know prior to your wedding day. Thanks.


I have been photographing weddings and events for over 15 years and I have never missed a wedding/event, or even been sick for one. I have been pregnant and understand how important it is to not let anyone down and left in the lurch. I am aware accidents and sickness does happen and believe me, it would have to be something really bad for this to happen but if something did, I promise you, that it is my responsibility to ensure that a colleague of mine of equal or greater skill and similar style of photography is there to document your day in my place. And 15 years on, this has never eventuated.

Supplier’s meal

Being very dedicated to covering your wedding day it is important that I maintain my blood sugar and keep me focused on the job so if you could kindly provide a meal at the reception it would be much appreciated. Depending on your schedule, it is best for me to eat at the same time your guests are eating so I don’t miss capturing any of those candid moments. If possible, sitting at one of your guests’ table would be ideal so I don’t miss anything. Any questions please contact me to discuss.

Engagement Photo Sessions

Many couples love taking up the opportunity of participating in a photo session before their wedding day. I encourage it as this is the best opportunity for us to get to know each other and allows you to become familiar with how I work. It also helps couples feel more comfortable being in front of the camera. That way you will feel more relaxed having your photo taken on your wedding day.

Also many couples choose to use photos from their session on their wedding invites or save the date cards or reception memorabilia.